Full show gallery coming soon, here’s a few teasers. Photos : Craig Advertisements

A few highlight’s from the show and the complete Gallery Photos Craig

 MAC – Breakfast Club – March 2015    

Week 5, saw Mr Soft’s first wash in 4 months which proved a good test for products we’ve previously featured on the site, from the 50cal detailing range. First seen via the waxybox mailing scheme Decon Fallout Remover  –  On the wheels Fortress Liquid Polish / Pre Wax Cleaner – for the body. The body […]

MAC Breakfast Club – February 2015   Pictures : Ross   The next couple of Breakfast Clubs are held on the following dates 8th March 2015 12th April 2015 Always check the Midlands Automotive Club website for details and future events. http://www.midlandautomobileclub.co.uk/

Week 4 and already at the end of January, this year is flying by!!!! Right then updates, updates and more updates The MK2 Golf of mine, steps one step closer to being back on the road again the rest of the gasket kit turned up for the engine. I picked up a GTI 8v Anti […]

Slow couple weeks at Eurowerks towers, mostly parts ordering and sourcing, for the resto/rebuild car’s and planning which shows we’ll be attending this year. Abi is continuing to collect parts for her MK1 Cabriolet, with the hope to have it MOT’ed early February. This week she has focused mostly on the brake overhaul. Neil, the […]

This is one piece of gold which won’t be getting scrapped….. Everywhere you look there are “we buy gold “adverts but this vdub enthusiast is not selling at any price. With its polished exterior, its 1.8t engine running over 200 bhp this wagon is quick to turn heads out on the roads and at the […]

2015 a year with Eurowerks We’ve got a lot of projects on the go and even some new cars in the fleet, we’ve not spoke or documented much of whats happening with us for a while.  So we decided over a mug of tea and a packet of hobnobs (other biscuits are available) to do […]

My 2003 Mg Zr 1.4 People slate MG/Rover for what they did but I didn’t think about that when I bought my MG ZR 2 years ago. I liked the car, I loved the look it had and I liked it because it was different and it would get noticed! So it started life as […]