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It’s a wrap.

No don’t worry Eurowerks isn’t closing, its just a bit of Carbon Wrapping on my Passat CC Passat CC – Dash Wrap So, when I purchased this car there were 2 items that didn’t really float my boat, the non-HID headlights.  A funny thing not to factory order considering the rest of the high spec.  […]

2015 a year with Eurowerks – Week 4

Week 4 and already at the end of January, this year is flying by!!!! Right then updates, updates and more updates The MK2 Golf of mine, steps one step closer to being back on the road again the rest of the gasket kit turned up for the engine. I picked up a GTI 8v Anti […]

Virtual Modifying – MK1 Modifier

MK1 Modifier Virtual Modifying a car not in the terms of a pipe dreams at the start of a build thread or even a dig a paying someone else via cheques and we haven’t even loaded up a console and inserted a disc to play the latest racing game. Here at Eurowerks we are very […]

MK3 Golf -AKA Softy — Adapt and Overcome

A lot can happen in a week! The picture above, is probably the best softy has looked in the 4 years of ownership. We all know its not a show stopper but its nice to have it looking half presentable. Until he got tagged and shunted in to the curb, the end result being a somewhat […]

Mk1 Golf

Mk1 Golf – mouldings replaced !

Badge-less grill – Mk1

New badge-less grill fitted to the Mk1 golf