It’s a wrap.

No don’t worry Eurowerks isn’t closing, its just a bit of Carbon Wrapping on my Passat CC

Passat CC – Dash Wrap

So, when I purchased this car there were 2 items that didn’t really float my boat, the non-HID headlights.  A funny thing not to factory order considering the rest of the high spec.  This was soon sorted with a HID upgrade from one of my many contacts for the wallet busting sum of £20.00.

The other niggle was the old man wood trim.  I couldn’t let the sale fall through because of this small detail.  Plus, I knew it would be a relatively easy fix, not sure why it’s taken me this long to do.


A fellow member, Biff (AKA Chris), came to the rescue with some lovely carbon fibre effect wrap.  With a little help from YouTube and some trim removal tools I tackled the dash and dial surround first.





The dials posed a little troublesome but that was more to do with me being a bit harsh with the trimming.  Turned out fantastic in the end and I even managed to get the 3 dash pieces to lined up so the weave flowed through perfectly.





Next I tackled the door furniture. This was a little more complicated as I was unwilling to remove the door cards so had to do them in place. These have come out well but may get redone in the near future as my OCD nature is not 100% happy with the result. Only time will tell on this point, it will probably niggle at me until I just have to remove the door cards and do it again. If that’s the case I have a rattle and a non-working down lighter to investigate




And finally I trimmed the ashtray chrome lip as I was sick of finger prints.  Yes I hear you all cry, my OCD strikes again.  I matched this with a strip at the back of the gear gaiter surround due to damage from the previous owner.


Photos and Words : Neil


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