A year with Eurowerks – Catch Up.

We started the “year with Eurowerks” in January with all good intentions and it went swimmingly until the better weather hit followed by the lighter nights, so loads has happened and little to none has been blogged about.

So here is a much diluted catch up.

Video from when the sun came out at VW Festival

Cars update………..

My MK2, Engine is 75% built up and the front suspension is 100% built, just waiting on parts deliveries for brakes and engine components.


2015-04-30 19.26.43

The MG Broke



Softy has had a few baths, and starred in another time lapse cleaning video.


Neil has changed cars again from his Focus to a Passat CC, which is good thing after the recent spate of ST/RS going missing; they have somewhat become hot property of the Hot Hatch world.

2015-04-19 19.50.40Pre Clean





It’s not all mountain bikes and engine work, we still do detailing!!

Abi has finally got the MK1 Cabriolet on the road,



We attacked the dashboard wiring with a knife and fork.


Keep an eye out for a full ‘build’ / update post on the MK1 over the next couple of months.

….and she gave the Lupo a wash n polish.



It may of won at vw:nw concours

Ross has been hard at work, working on this MK1 tiding a few items up and bring the American beast to a more at home UK spec. His MK2 hasn’t been forgotten about with a suspension change to FK Coilovers due a premature failure of his Bilstein’s.




Chris did some funky stuff with wood, to turn a plumbers van in to a camper, bolted on some huge shiny wheels and fixed a known vw manifold problem.

20150419_184643 20150419_184819 20150516_141536(0)[1] 20150602_211218 20150602_220007

More regular updates to follow over the next couple of weeks/months, we’ve got loads to update you on and loads in the pipe line to happen.


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